Modern Armani


How modern are these Armani ads from the eighties and nineties? There is something about Armani designs that is so timeless and clean, that these clothes from three decades ago are so up to date even now. Armani is one of those few brands that stand the ravages of time. It is that European, minimalistic look that is and always will be fresh and elegant.

Since the 1970s, Giorgio Armani, is the master of elegance with his unique label, that set Milan on the map as centre of the finest design and tailoring. Soft blue, brown, gray and greige are the neutral colors featuring his collections, which make up a natural and sophisticated look. With his introduction of suit jackets in 1975, he introduced a androgynous, male-ish look that gave women a more relaxed and refined appearance. Armani was influenced by his mother who did not care about fashion trends, but just wore the clothes she liked. In the 80s Armani launced the broad shouldered, tapered power silhouette for the office, which gave women a look of confidence, intelligence and control. In 1994 Vogue would declare the Armani jacket as one of the four great classics for womens fashion, next to the Chanel suit, the Hermes Kelly bag and the Manolo Blahnik pump. That jacket changed both the streetscape and the history of fashion; it was something new and fresh, which anwered the needs of women. Something more comfortable than the haute couture from Paris.

Understated elegance, power en minimalistic, clean cut forms. Some masculinity. Designs that speak for themselves. A perfect balance between dignity and sex. That is Armani.

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